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Stadion Miejski Białystok
Stadion Miejski Białystok
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  • Stadium for the disabled


    The Municipal Stadium in Białystok is a place for all visitors, therefore, at the very beginning of the design and construction stage of the facility, efforts were taken to make it user-friendly for the disabled as well.

    It is properly marked and prepared, both in the case of the car park and available parking spaces and in terms of access routes to sectors intended for people with reduced mobility.

    The optimal angle of inclination of the promenade leading to the tribunes means that they are more accessible for wheelchair users. The access road from the main car park to the sector for the disabled is free from stairs or steps. The K1 two-wing gate leading to the sector is wide and equipped with a ticket reader, which eliminates the need to use turnstiles.

    Amenities can also be found inside the facility. The disabled participating in various types of events may use specially designed toilets, which are optimally equipped. The lifts available in the building are provided with special markings in Braille.

    In total, the stadium has 23 seats in the tribunes for wheelchairs users, as well as for their guardians.