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Stadion Miejski Białystok
Stadion Miejski Białystok
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    Rules pertaining to the use and protection of the brand

    The Municipal Stadium in Białystok is a unique spot on the map of Białystok and the entire region. It is a multifunctional facility, which attracts fans of not only football matches, but also many other sports disciplines. During the year, apart from sports events and concerts, it is also a venue for conferences, fairs, events and business meetings.

    Therefore, organisers of events and other guests of our facility should know how the image of the Municipal Stadium in Białystok or its characteristic parts may be used in everyday life and activity, in particular, in promotional or advertising materials and other projects of a commercial nature.

    We are happy to see our facility depicted in private photos or children’s pictures or used both for private and social purposes; however, just like every place of this kind, we would like to make sure that we have an impact on the manner of the use of the image of the Stadium beyond the aforementioned purposes (commercial use), hence, we have specified the conditions which permit its use.

    We know how important it is to define clear and transparent rules. This is why we have created information which introduces the rules of using the trademarks reserved by the Company Stadion Miejski sp. z o.o. as well as individual features of the image of the Municipal Stadium in Białystok.

    In the event of any doubts whether the symbols, trademarks or image of our facility are used properly and in accordance with the following rules and the provisions of the law, please contact us .


    PRIVATE INDIVIDUALS AND NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATIONS do not have to apply each time for the consent for the use, as long as they use the photos or the image of the Stadium in a non-commercial manner, without deriving any financial benefits from it, in particular when:

    – private persons post photos of the facility in their private social media profiles, blogs, private websites and other materials clearly indicating the use of a given photo or visualisation of the Stadium for personal use;

    – associations use such materials in a commemorative album/folder not intended for sale or in other materials of a non-commercial nature;

    – schools or educational institutions organise art competitions regarding, in particular, sports facilities, interesting city architecture or popularisation of sports;

    PUBLICATIONS, CONFERENCES, ORGANISERS OF EVENTS – the symbols and image of the Stadium may be used in the contents and titles of articles, books and scientific papers or during conferences, lectures and seminars or other activities of an informative or educational nature, as long as these are typically informative or scientific purposes.

    The MEDIA may use the symbols and image of the Stadium for informative purposes.

    The media cannot adapt or otherwise modify any trademarks related to the Stadium or use them for advertising or promotional purposes.

    The media can use the symbols of the Stadium for the purpose of direct marking of a one-time editorial article (Internet, printed press).

    Trademarks related to the Municipal Stadium in Białystok cannot be used as a part of the structure of a given website or its layout.

    In every event, the use of a photo or the symbols of the facility should not be combined with any names, marks or symbols of other commercial entities, so as not to make the impression that these entities are related to one another in any manner whatsoever.


    All entities which intend to use the trademarks, symbols and image of the Municipal Stadium in Białystok for commercial purposes must obtain the relevant consent and must specify the conditions and possibilities of their use.


    In the event of an intention to use the image of the Stadium for promotional and advertising purposes pertaining to proprietary products or services, placing trademarks or symbols on these products or gadgets or in any other commercial manner, each entity must obtain the relevant consent from the Municipal Stadium in Białystok and determine the conditions of such cooperation. Each case of this kind will be examined separately based on e.g.:

    • purpose and manner of the use of the symbols/image of the Municipal Stadium in Białystok,
    • scope and type of activity conducted by a given entity,
    • nature of the campaign (commercial, informative, social, etc.),
    • place of display (e.g. television, internet, press, promotional materials, etc.),
    • time of display / period of the licence granted and the rules of its granting,
    • scope of the campaign (number, circulation, etc.),
    • genre/type of the video/photo,
    • rules of granting the licence (e.g. time/period).

    List of marks registered in the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland

    Logo and brand book – for download

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