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Stadion Miejski Białystok
Stadion Miejski Białystok
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  • Patron of the stadium

    In 2019, the Social Activity Centre at the Municipal Office in Białystok organised public consultations regarding the appointment of the patron of the Municipal Stadium in Białystok. During a monthly voting, residents of Białystok decided that the facility would be named after the 42th Infantry Regiment.

    During the voting regarding the patron of the Municipal Stadium, which was held from 23 July until 23 August, residents of Białystok submitted their responses to surveys which had three options to choose from: 42th Infantry Regiment, Seweryn Nowakowski and Marian Zyndram Kościałkowski.

    The patron of the stadium is a reference to the history of sports in Białystok. Today, we announce the results of the consultations and we begin the preparations for the official, ceremonial appointment of the stadium patron that we intend to organise on 12 July, when the Day of the 42th Infantry Regiment is celebrated. However, before this happens, we would like to familiarise our residents with the history of the regiment and to bring it closer to the people of Białystok – said the Mayor of Białystok, Tadeusz Truskolaski, during the press conference.